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Hello, passed SAP Certified Associate Project Manager (C_PM_71) certification exam today! Not difficult! But you need more practice tests, i spent 1 month prepared for this exam! Here are some C_PM_71 Certification Exam I want to share with you, maybe they can help you a little bit:

2016 NEW  C_PM_71 Dumps and C_PM_71 Exam Questions Introduction:

Exam: 80 questions
Cut Score: 61%
Duration: 180 mins

What the exam will test?

The “SAP Certified Associate Project Manager” certification exam verifies that the candidate has the knowledge required in the area of SAP project management.
Aside from advanced communication and presentation skills, this certificate also verifies that the project manager has skills to manage internal and external stakeholders, basic knowledge of change management processes, and communicating these processes to others.

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What Transaction code in SAP Solution Manager is used to set up project documentation standards?

B.    SOLAR01
C.    SOLAR02

Answer: A

In which work stream of the ASAP methodology do you find the Agile specific tasks?

A.    Value Management Work stream
B.    Project Management work stream
C.    Business Process work stream
D.    Application Life Cycle work stream

Answer: A

You are preparing the Testing Policy deliverable, an outline of key elements of the testing methodology that the project will use as guiding principles going forward.
In which project phase do you execute this work?

A.    Realization
B.    Business Blueprint
C.    Final Preparation
D.    Project Preparation

Answer: D

What are the key concepts of the SAP blueprint approach? Note: 3 correct answer a.
Configuration Management

A.    Value Realization
B.    Business Process Management
C.    Acceleration Techniques
D.    Test Management

Answer: BCD

What do you need to do in SAP Solution Manager to convert an implementation project to solution? Note: 2 correct answers

A.    Release all opened Transport into the production environment
B.    Transfer the project content into the solution directory
C.    Transfer business scenarios from the project to the Business Process Repository
D.    Set the Project status to Closed

Answer: BC

Which of the following tasks need to be completed successfully to complete the production cutover deliverable? Note: 3 correct answers

A.    Obtain Production Data Sign-off
B.    Finalize Cutover plan
C.    Conduct Project Management Review Service
D.    Execute Multiple cutover Simulations
E.    Preform people readiness assessment

Answer: BE

How do you access the SAP Modeling Handbook?

A.    As a book published by SAP PRESS
B.    As an adobe PDF on the SAP Public website
C.    As part of the documentation available on the SAP Help Portal
D.    As Wiki pages on the SAP Community Network (SCN)

Answer: D

What tasks in the Business Blueprint phase do you execute to define the Organizational Change Management (OCM) Communication plan? Note: 2 correct answers

A.    Define Project Organization
B.    Define Communication Strategy
C.    Define value argumentation and key messages
D.    Refine Acceptance Criteria

Answer: BC

What is the purpose of the Value Realization deliverable?

A.    Value Realization focuses on the Technical optimization business processes and alignment of all aspects of an organization
B.    Value Realization ensures an optimized SAP Solution operation by providing applicable content for setting up operations.
C.    Value Realization establishes sustainable mechanisms to monitor and control the predefined KPIs and PPIs of the to-be process
D.    Value Realization provides proactive procedures to minimize the impact of critical situations

Answer: C

Which template do you use to describe the solution for identified gaps during blueprinting?

A.    Gap Analysis Findings Template
B.    Functional Specification Template
C.    Business Process Map template
D.    Technical Specification Template

Answer: B

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