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Which statements about forming a halftone images when printing is correct? (Choose two answers.)

A.    halftone is an image in the "Sepia".
B.    halftone image is converted into a series of dots that simulate the original image.
C.    Formation of the grayscale image – a process of varying the density and structure of black and white dots to simulate shades of gray.
D.    Formation of a grayscale image – a process of varying the density and structure of blue, purple and yellow dots to limit the amount of ink required for your vehicle.

Answer: BC

Which statement describes the process of custom color management based on profiles of ICC?

A.    The user has no control over the process of displaying non-CMYK colors.
B.    U user less able to manage the display of non-CMYK colors.
C.    U user more control over the process of displaying non-CMYK colors.
D.    Management of the display outside the CMYK color corresponds to the work without the use of profiles ICC.

Answer: D

What are the main characteristics of format TIFF?

A.    File format images tagged content.
B.    File format images, which are indexed color palette.
C.    image file format that uses compression technology with data loss.
D.    Preservation of formatting for the file to be transferred between computer architectures.

Answer: B

Which printers are equipped with built-in web server? (Choose two answers.)

A.    Designjet 70/90
B.    Designjet 5500
C.    Designjet 1000
D.    Designjet 4000
E.    Designjet 500/800

Answer: BD

What HP Designjet printers are ideal for professional graphics applications? (Choose two answers.)

A.    The HP Designjet 1930 series
B.    The HP Designjet 4500 series
C.    The HP Designjet 5500 series
D.    The printer HP Designjet 500/800 series

Answer: BC

What is the function of feeder ink?

A.    Cleaning the printhead.
B.    Assistance in cleaning up the feed and share clips. [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]
C.    Mounting of cartridges and ink in the printhead.
D.    Submission of ink in the tube during the closing and cleaning printheads.

Answer: A

What HP Designjet printers are ideal for professional applications software? (Choose two answers.)

A.    The HP Designjet 1930 series
B.    The HP Designjet 1050 series
C.    The HP Designjet 4500 series
D.    The HP Designjet 5500 series

Answer: BC

Which statement best describes the products HP Designjet?

A.    The line of products includes HP Designjet ink-jet printers HP large format.
B.    The line of products includes HP Designjet HP Inkjet Printer small size.
C.    A product line includes the HP Designjet Laser Printers HP large format.
D.    Product line includes HP Designjet Laser Printers HP small format.

Answer: A

You’re on your printer Designjet, printheads which have been configured. The printer re-installed and ready for inclusion. What is the next step should be taken?

A.    Before turning to manually fill the tube with ink.
B.    Hold the top button, turn the power to automatically fill tubes with ink.
C.    Set the configured printheads and follow the instructions on the front panel display.
D.    Remove the printheads are configured, installed in the cartridge for transportation, establish a working print heads, and include meals.

Answer: B

When you want to fill the system Designjet printers asymmetric-type?

A.    Filling not required.
B.    After 10000 cycles, scanning along the axis.
C.    Each time you change tubes for ink.
D.    When you first start, and the replacement of tubes for ink.

Answer: A

For some reason the ink soak into the paper, making the lines blurred and fuzzy? (Choose two answers.)

A.    The air inside the printhead
B.    Wrong temperature
C.    The paper does not cover the back side
D.    Too high humidity

Answer: BD

For some reason the line can be a bit uneven? (Choose two options.)

A.    Damage printhead
B.    Too heavy paper
C.    The deformation of the paper itself
D.    The use of paper, which was kept in extreme conditions

Answer: AD

What are the reasons for the need to pack for HP Designjet? (Choose two answers.)

A.    Need to update a driver
B.    The need to upgrade RAM
C.    Need to update the firmware
D.    The need for hardware upgrades

Answer: AC

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