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Exam Code: 70-576
Exam Name: PRO: Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications
Certification Provider: Microsoft
Corresponding Certifications: MCPD, MCPD: SharePoint Developer 2010

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You are designing a custom administrative timer job for a SharePoint 2010 farm.
You need to design a storage plan for the program configuration data that meets the following requirements:
– The configuration data in the storage location must control the program logic for the timer job.
– The storage location must allow the configuration information to be saved and modified as the timer job parameters change.
– The storage location must require administrative access to modify the program logic.
– The storage method must support farm-scoped timer jobs.
Which object class should you use to create the storage location?

A.    the ConfigurationSection class in the web.config file
B.    the SPWebConfigModification class in in the web.config file
C.    the SPPersistedObject class in the hierarchical object store
D.    the SPWeb class in the site collection property bag

Answer: C

You are planning to store some custom configuration settings in a SharePoint 2010 farm.
A set of key-value pairs must be saved and retrieved for several subsites within a web pplication. You need to ensure that the key-value settings are stored for each subsite.
Which approach should you recommend?

A.    Declaratively store the values in the web.config file for the web application.
B.    Declaratively store the values in a custom list in the site collection that contains the subsites.
C.    Programmatically store the values in the property bag of the SPFile object.
D.    Programmatically store the values in the property bag of the SPWeb object.

Answer: D

You are designing a SharePoint 2010 Internet site for e-commerce.
The site shows pricing information retrieved from a Microsoft SQL Server database for the deals featured each day on the home page.
You need to cache the pricing data for each featured deal on the server and refresh the data with a minimum amount of network traffic.
Which approach should you recommend?

A.    Use LINQ to SharePoint from a query of the database server for the pricing data.
B.    Use AJAX code on the client from the database server.
C.    Use the server session state to cache the data.
D.    Cache the data and use a lock to control the refresh of the cache data.

Answer: D

You are designing a Web Part for SharePoint 2010 that must be able to be used on any site in the farm.
The Web Part will display data values updated from a Microsoft SQL Server database.
Your design must:
– Verify the actual performance data of the Web Part on any page where it is used in the farm.
– Trace performance and latency through the SharePoint, .NET, and SQL Server layers of the Web Part execution process.
– Provide information that can be used to debug and troubleshoot all issues with page rendering time.
You need to meet all the requirements and allow your developers to enable this capability on any page they need to test.
Which approach should you recommend?

A.    Build and deploy the Web Part as a sandboxed solution and set a daily quota for the Web Part. Monitor the Web Part memory utilization and adjust the appropriate ResourceMeasures
property for the sandboxed solution.
B.    Build and deploy the Web Part as a sandboxed solution and set an absolute limit quota for the Web Part.
Monitor the Web Part performance and adjust the appropriate ResourceMeasures property programmatically using the SharePoint object model.
C.    Build and deploy the Web Part hosted in each site that requires it.
Set the developer dashboard to Off for the site.
When testing performance, change the dashboard setting to On using a PowerShell script.
D.    Build and deploy the Web Part hosted in the Central Administration site.
Set the developer dashboard to OnDemand in the farm.
When testing performance, manually enable the dashboard on each Web page.

Answer: D

You are designing a SharePoint 2010 application.
You have an Internet-facing site with numerous image and movie files.
You need to ensure that these files are cached so that they are displayed to users quickly.
Which approach should you recommend?

A.    In the SharePoint web.config file, set the cacheForEditRights property of the
OutputCacheProfiles element to true.
B.    In the SharePoint web.config file, set the enabled property of the BlobCache element to true.
C.    In Site Collection Administration, use Site Collection Cache Settings to configure the cache.
D.    In Central Administration, use Search Administration to manage the cache.

Answer: B

You are consulting with a customer who has an Internet-facing SharePoint 2010 site.
The SharePoint farm runs across multiple servers.
The customer needs to improve the user experience on the site by improving Web page load times.
The site customization requires extensive resources, including large image files, custom CSS, and JavaScript files.
You need to suggest a way to help improve the SharePoint site performance that does not require a hardware upgrade.
What should you recommend that the customer do?

A.    Configure the query servers in the farm as additional Web servers and verify that the object
cache is enabled on all Internet-facing Web sites.
B.    Reconfigure the Web servers to increase the size of their page files.
C.    Enable disk-based caching on the Web servers for the Internet-facing Web site.
D.    Create an additional Microsoft SQL Server database to store the configuration database that stores the data for the site.

Answer: C

You are planning a development environment to create custom solutions for a production SharePoint 2010 farm.
The plan needs a software tool to help diagnose application bugs introduced through custom code and provide information about the page rendering time from the Web request to the database query.
Developers need to isolate problems and diagnose excessive execution times in the following items:
– Page request
– SPRequest
– Microsoft SQL Server 2008
You need to recommend a way for developers to identify if a value exceeds acceptable ranges in the items listed in the requirements.
What should you tell the developers to do?

A.    Use the Object Explorer component of SQL Server Management Studio to configure the SQL Server Agent properties to Include execution trace messages.
B.    Enable the developer dashboard for the development environment to display the required information on all pages.
C.    Enable the Developer Tools in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.
Open the Script tab and click Start Debugging.
D.    Enable the Developer Tools in Internet Explorer 8.
Set up live editing of cascading style sheets (CSS) and click a property name, value, or
Then type a new value and press Enter.

Answer: B

You are designing a SharePoint 2010 application that stores data in a list named BaseList.
This list contains 25,000 records.
A view named ViewList filters data on a column named CreateDate.
The CreateDate column is of type Date and Time.
The ViewList view requires too much processing time when displaying BaseList data.
Your design needs to improve the performance of the ViewList view when it displays the BaseList data.
Which approach should you recommend?

A.    Enable the Display items in batches of the specified size property in the Item Limit option of ViewList.
B.    Set the Group By option of ViewList to group by the CreateDate column.
C.    Add a column index to BaseList based on the CreateDate column.
D.    Change the CreateDate column type to Date Only.

Answer: C

You are designing a SharePoint 2010 application that has 24 lists.
The application has the following characteristics:
– Some lists contain only Single line of text comulmns, while other lists have complex colunm types such as Person or Group and External Data.
– Each list contains 10,000 or more records.
Your design needs to limit the number of items in a single database operation to 2,500.
Which approach should you recommend?

A.    Set the List View Lookup Threshold option to 2,500 items.
B.    Set the List View Threshold option to 2,500 items.
C.    Set the Number of groups to display per page property of the Group By option to 2,500 items.
D.    Set the Number of items to display property of the Item Limit option to 2,500 items.

Answer: B

You are designing a SharePoint 2010 application.
You are also designing a Microsoft .NET Framework client application that will interact with the SharePoint application.
You need to design the client application to create, update, and delete lists.
Which approach should you recommend?

A.    Use the SP.UI.UIUtility class in the client application.
B.    Use SharePoint 2010 Web services in the client application.
C.    Use the SharePoint Foundation 2010 managed client object model in the client application.
D.    Create a Business Connectivity Services (BCS) package that manages tasks between the
client and server applications.

Answer: C

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